Artist’s Statement

My work is concerned with the nature of connectedness, the fact of being physically, emotionally, and psychologically in relation with other living beings within the cosmos, a medieval notion. I am investigating a potential language of interconnectedness that stems from the experience of sharing a body with an ‘other’; during gestation a line of communication begins between two bodies, a non-linguistic, transubjective language that is intimate and yet universally bonding.

Reality and myth coexist within my work; abject, embryonic and biomorphic forms and uncanny beasts of irregular scale appear abandoned and yet potent with life force, their status redefined. Hybrid and figurative sculptures with musculoskeletal armatures metamorphose between plants, animals, and humans, rekindling a deep-rooted memory of abject embodiment, perhaps the resurfacing of an interspecies trauma.

I use basic construction techniques such as stitching, binding, and moulding to highlight a non-hierarchical approach to art making and empower what was previously seen as 'women's work'. Using various constituents such as tights, I am emphasising the context of the female body as a creative force within the materiality of the sculptures and within society itself.