Selected Prints

London Original Print Fair - Julian Page Gallery

Omega’s Return l, 2024
Monotype, relief ink on Japanese paper
1033 x 720mm (inc frame)

Omega’s Return ll, 2024 (diptych) 
Monotype, relief ink on Japanese paper
2 X 723 x 560mm (inc frame)

A reflection upon Edvard Munch's creation story, 'Alfa og Omega' 1908-9.

Alpha and Omega meet on an island, and they fall in love. After some time, Omega's attention turns towards nature, falling in love and favouring the company of animals. After experiencing much jealousy from Alpha, Omega flees to another island on the back of a stag. Years later, she returns to see Alpha with her hybrid children of many varieties. Alpha kills Omega in an ultimate act of jealousy. As she lies dying, Alpha witnesses a look of love in her eyes that matches the moment when their eyes first met. Whilst he is staring at her, Omega's children tear him apart.

Foundling, 2024
Monotype, relief ink on Japanese paper
1033 x 720mm (inc frame)

This work forms part of a continued investigation into existential relations concerning nature, the human psyche and the intricate connection between inner experience and the external world.