Zoophytes and Hybrids

Amydst the Muttren Trees

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“During her residency, Norris intends to explore through making the intertwining of animal and vegetable drawing from the ancient myth of the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary. The myth entailed a lamb being born out of a plant and is thought to be linked to the cotton plant and its trade. She will be in residence in the Artist’s Hut from December 2022 until March 2023.”

The Lytylle Plant Beist Doth Roren 2023
Materials: Coir, rope, rewilded rope, raw sheep’s wool, tights, mixed media 170 X 160 X 140cms

Opening of Amydst The Muttren Trees March 2023

Feallan Aeppl 2023, mixed media, 20 X 20 X 23cms

The Forked Lymbe 2023, mixed media 60 X 38 X 40cms

The Tree of Lyfe. 2023 Chinese ink on paper 27 X 19cms

Fleyshe of Muton 2023 Chinese ink on paper 19 X 27cms